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For Many Businesses, the Web is their ONLY form of Ongoing Marketing!

Brad Hauck Shows Them How to Drive Traffic & Conversions Up!



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Internet Marketing

Most business get < 1% of the business they should from the web because they fail to implement basic online marketing principles!


If you don’t know your conversion ratios, traffic stats and what people do on your website, you’re just playing at business online!


Improved results are ALL that matters. Every website should have ONE main goal. All you do should be to achieve that result.


Keynotes & Workshops

Brad keynotes & runs breakout sessions / workshops to teach people the easy steps to quick results online covering topics from: SEO, Adwords, Social marketing, YouTube, Increasing sales & conversions & more….


Rapid Product Creation

Develop your first saleable product using Brad’s Rapid Product Creation method for speakers, consultants & entrepreneurs. Start with a video & produce over 30 different products to sell.


Systemising I.P.

If you’re a consultant or speaker who is selling their time for money, you need to develop a system. Turn you knowledge & skills into I.P. that you can leverage, licence and sell over & over even if you’re asleep!

Why Audiences Love Brad on Stage

Brad drops the jargon and shows non techies & phobes how in less than 10 minute anyone can make simple changes that will drastically improve their online results from traffic increases to sales

Popular Kenote Speech Topics

  • Winning More Business Online
  • Instant Marketing Impact in Less than 10 minutes!
  • Get Social Smart & Crowd Clever.
  • Impacting Technology Trends [Keynote Speech]
  • Living the 4 Hour Work Week for Real!


Mirror Living

“Brad’s knowledge and first hand experience is profound. He communicates clearly and breaks down the overwhelmingly HUGE world of SEO and internet marketing into steps that anyone can do and understand.”

Mirror Living / CEO / Clean Living Clinic.

Kevin Ryan

“Brad knows his stuff…and he has a unique and remarkable way of making the complex simple. He has an engaging style that audiences love. I recommend him with confidence”

Kevin Ryan / Speaker / NSAA Past National President.

Adam Norris

“I like Brad’s approach to an overall solution and his results driven approach makes a perfect package in driving traffic to a site. Clean, simple and cost effective.”

Adam Norris / Owner / Select Designs.

You can win the online game in less time that you think!

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